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 • Mix all the above ingredients and knead a very soft dough.

 • Give rest for 2 hrs.




 • Boiled potatoes  1 kg

 • Coriander               3tbsp

 • Onion.                       3

 • Nicely chopped green chillies 1tbsp

 • Salt ,Chaat masala & Garam masala

 • Paneer ,cheese and Cauliflowers (optional)



 • Mix all the above  ingredients and make stuffing.


For preparing Kulcha

 • Keep aside Butter,maida,dry coriander seeds,crushed black pepper,sesame seeds while preparing kulcha .

 • Now take some portion of dough and roll it.

 • Add stuffing in it and roll it again.

 • Sprinkle coriander seeds,sesame seeds and crushed black pepper

 • Now follow video .

 *Bake it for

   280° - 300° for

  10 minutes and

   it's   ready.



  Ingredient List

  • 500gm Maida
  • 4tbsp Butter
  • 1tbsp Oil
  • 1tsp Salt to test
  • 1 cup Warm milk
  • 1tsp Backing soda
  • 1tbsp Sugar


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