Heathy Quinoa Kheer

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It’s free from refined sugar + gluten and tastes as heavenly as any homemade rich kheer would taste! This Quinoa and Almond Kheer is actually adapted from mother’s (who actually got it from my Nani) Badam Kheer! Only wayyyyyyy healthier and same in taste! And even though my thumb rule for the festive season is NO DIET food at all but this one wouldn’t even make anyone notice any difference at all! So here’s my recipe!


1.   Cook quinoa in 1 cup water till all water is absorbed and it is tender, let cool

2.   Deseed the dates and remove the almond skin

3.   Now grind all these (along with the milk in which dates were soaked) in a food processor till it’s smooth/ a bit grainy as per preference

4.   Heat milk in a big heavy bottom saucepan

5.   Bring it to boil then reduce heat to medium and cook it for 20-30 mins or till the milk is reduced to half

6.   Keep stirring to keep the milk from sticking at the bottom

7.   Once reduced add the paste and mix till it all is well combined in the milk and there are no lumps

8.  Cook for another 5 mins then add honey and cardamom, mix to combine

9.   Turn off the flame and add rose /kewra water

10.  Serve after garnish with edible rose petals and toasted slivered almonds!


  Ingredient List

  • 1-liter (whole or low fat, I used whole) Milk
  • ½ cup washed (soak it overnight) Quinoa
  • 10 (soak in ¼ cup milk overnight) Dates
  • 6-8 (soaked in water overnight) Almonds
  • 1/2 cup Honey
  • 1/2 tsp Ground Cardamom
  • 1 tsp Rose water/kewra
  • for Garnishing Edible Rose Petals
  • Toasted, for garnishing Slivered almonds


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